Scrum project manager? Get senior management training

It is common to see adverts from companies for ‘Scrum project managers’. This is normally a result of a switch from a traditional ‘Prince’ style project system which is incompetent.
There are many reasons for companies to want to stick with a ‘project manager’.
The common ones are to do with senior management:

Need to calculate ROI in order to determine whether to invest.
Need a single person to communicate with.
Need to monitor progress.
Need to understand risk.
Need someone to be responsible if things go wrong.

This course is specifically designed with these managers in mind. It is a hands on and interactive course, a great deal of fun. Most of all it SHOWS them why scrum works and how all of there requirements can still be met with a proper scrum process.

Afterwards they will understand the role of Product owner, Scrum master, and Scrum team. They will understand sprints, understand how to be flexible, understand the risk, progress monitoring, and who is responsible.