How does ScrumIT work

We encourage customers to come to us with vague requirements. It’s simpler that way.

For example, if you know what you want, you think you need to write up a detailed specification to act as a foundation for a contractual arrangement. You need to have that specification in case things go wrong. We think that wastes your valuable time.

If you engage with ScrumIT we carry out a CRC session with you and our team. In a single session of one hour we guarantee that you will understand your requirements and be confident that we will be doing just what you want for the first demonstration.

  • collect users stories on a white board
  • extract the major objects that deliver those stories
  • create CRC cards for each object
  • animate the interaction between the objects

At each step in this CRC session we’re looking for places where something happens that we hadn’t expected. Because this is so lightweight we can go back to an earlier stage and spend only minutes revising things.

Even if you are not technical you will end the session understanding what user stories are being done and an idea how the software will deliver those stories.

So, one hour to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is important to you and what the team will deliver in the first demonstration. Much more cost effective than getting a member of staff or a contractor to spend a couple of weeks to write up a specification.

A demonstration will take a short while to create and you come back to see that demonstration working. We don’t say it will be everything you expect because seeing working software quite often raises new questions. Our experience shows us that a couple more cycles around this process is needed for a good finished product.

Your risk extends as far as one cycle of demonstration. You know what is being developed because you participated in the design process. It is your choice to stop the development and use what you have paid for or add new features.

If you absolutely need a written document then the material on the white boards and the CRC cards provides source material that can help to create that document in hours not days. We think that, unless you are making money from that document you should keep photographs of the outputs. You’ll soon have working software and that’s what makes your money.


Software Developed. Fast and pain free

You need software developed fast, yet requirements are always changing.

Use Scrum. It is the most efficient way to control software development.

Scrum is even more valuable in embedded and mobile. As well as requirements changing so does hardware.

The founders of ScrumIT are hardware and software engineers with extensive experience in control systems, embedded and communications systems.

ScrumIT will do the work for you, manage software development projects for you, train your developers or just come and ease your pain.

For information download a copy of our Scrum methodology diagram, send an email to info at this site, or call +44 8703 219738.