What is SCRUM and how does it work

Scrum in the project delivery sense is a way of harnessing the team in an effective way to flexibly deliver the clients requirements.

A Rugby scrum relies on the pack getting together and working as a unit, talking to each other and helping each other deliver the effort together.

In the scrum methodology the team talk to each other daily, this conversation helps build the team, encourages everyone to put their maximum effort in, but mainly allows the team to help each other and work effectively.

The approach is flexible because it focuses on short incremental developments (sprints) at the end of each development the product direction could (doesn’t have to) change, the priority of what is delivered next almost certainly will.

This allows the team to respond to changes in the customer requirements as determined by the product owner. This is much the same as a Rugby pack changes what it is doing based on the requirements of the scrum half (working on behalf of the rugby backs in the same way as the product owner works on behalf of the customer).

One of the main things about the way that scrum works is the motivation that is caused by short term deadlines (what I have said I will do today for the team, and what the team has promised this sprint).


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