Will you cope?

We speak to a lot of companies that do software development as part of their products.

In fact most modern products will have software either in it or driving it.

If you are creating innovative products you need to get them ready for customers very quickly. You may be able to cope with just one or two customers. Will you be able to cope if several prospects ask for variants of your product?

ScrumIT can help.

Our experience using Scrum project control is that, with a small team (2-3 programmers), most projects can have the majority of the needed functionality completed within six weeks. We use two week sprints and we have found that only three are needed to produce most of what is needed.

You (and your customers) get to see two demonstrations of working software. With your vision close to realisation you see clearly what you need to deliver.

We know that a lot of functionality a customer wants turns out not to be needed.

With Scrum based development you pay for what you need.

You see, it’s the difference between want and need. When you do traditional software development you produce a specification. You tend to throw in everything you want, including the kitchen sink.

Specifications tend to be complete, crossing all the Ts and dotting the Is. They’re used as part of the contract.

With Scrum control, you only ever commit to the next two-week sprint. If you’re not getting the expected return on investment, you stop.

So, with orders coming flooding in, you don’t want to take on extra staff to write up the specifications, contract programmers to do the coding and then extra managers. That will absorb extra resources just getting them in place and training them up.

Work Smarter, use Scrum. Use us to manage your programmers, teach them Scrum, work with them and you and your customers.


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